So Savanna have created something new to add to it’s collection – Savanna Blackbeard: rum flavoured cider. They sent me a 6 pack to test out and these are my thoughts.

What I liked:

I’ve always liked Savanna; it’s easy drinking and perfect for hot summer days, and I can imagine a shot of rum thrown in the mix would give it an extra kick. Personally I would add an extra lemon wedge in as well to keep the tanginess high.

What I didn’t like:

It’s rum flavoured, so the alcohol content is 5%, and the sweetness is a little overpowering at first. I would add a few extra wedges of lime/lemon to balance out the sweetness (if you’re a sourpuss like me).


Try it out, I think there is something there. My perfect Blackbeard has two lemon wedges and is as close to frozen as I can get it. In fact if you cool it to almost freezing and give the bottle a little knock it will freeze up completely, and if you cool it a little less you will end up with an alcoholic slush-puppy, how wonderful!

{Note: I received a sample curtesy of Savanna, all thoughts and images are my own.}