One of my earliest movies I remember watching was Highlander, and since then I’ve always liked the thought experiment of imagining being immortal.

 Apparently lots of other people feel the same, which is probably why we’ve had so many immortal beings in our history, in the form of gods, demons, and everything in between.

For more on things we make up to all get along and thrive as a society read this book.

I especially enjoyed vampire movies like Interview with a Vampire, and Love Bites.  Those other sparkly Vampire movies luckily hadn’t been made when I was a kid.

In the movies vampires are portrayed as immensely talented, incredibly cool, and usually rich.


Just imagine being born in the 1700’s. If you were born into an elite family, you would automatically be famous, and then famously killed when you didn’t age appropriately. Which means your best chance was to be born a peasant. You would probably earn an apprenticeship working with your hands if you were lucky. Now how does that skill translate to today’s world?

Ok, so now you’re a peasant that can work with your hands. Great. Now go find a job at night working with your hands. Chances are that unless you’re incredibly ambitious when it comes to bettering your mind, you’re not going to be able to do much at night that your mom would be proud of.

Which means that if you’ve survived this long, you will probably be picking up shifts as a night patrolman, walking someone else’s property, eating intruders, or if you got your act together, you could be a freelancer in IT.

So be nice to your people forced to work terrible hours no one wants to – they could rip out your spine and eat you.