For years I’ve  wanted to build my own house, and as you’ve guessed, it probably wouldn’t be considered “normal”.

On the one hand there is a part of me that is in awe whenever I see large open plan homes, especially when there are different ceiling heights so some areas seem to carry more gravitas. If there happens to be a giant custom designed light feature, all the better. If Napoleon were alive today, I think he would probably be a John Mayer fan, singing “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for”.

Large sprawling living areas and minimalist kitchen designs make my inner-Napoleon giddy inside, and whenever I enter these homes, or even sometimes large government buildings, I feel quite I’ve come home.

Then, there is a part of me that values functionality over aesthetic, and nerdy chills run down my spine when I see a tiny house, or even a yacht for that matter.

When I was around 5 years old, my grandfather gave me an old pocket knife of his. It was a Swiss Army Knife. I couldn’t have been happier if it was chemically induced! For more context, my nickname at that age was “MacGyver”, because if there was something I thought should exist, I built it, even if it was a poop-scoop for snails, and if it worked, I often took it apart, and tried to “fix” it.

Small homes are the Swiss Army Knives of  adulthood. Every surface is multi-functional. Everything has it’s rightful and proper place.


There is one small little problem – I don’t really want to live in either of the them.

Here’s why:  If I could have a colossal home, then I would feel guilty for not utilizing the space better, after all, I can only sleep in one room at a time. Contrasted to if I lived in tiny house, where I would be continually having to find places for the new things I bought, and very soon I would hate the cluttered feeling.

So, my criteria for my ultimate home, would be that its large enough so it doesn’t become cluttered quickly, and functional enough to still give me a “kick of joy” when I use it.

Elegant functionality is what I am after, and here are some of my latest inspirations:

ДОМ В ЛЕНИНГРАДСКОЙ ОБЛАСТИ : by Aleksandr Zhydkov architect
by INT2architecture
by INT2architecture
by INT2architecture
Kuchnia otwarta : by
ДОМ В ПОСЕЛКЕ ПОЛИВАНОВО : by Aleksandr Zhydkov architect
Functional, comfortable, with enough space to breath and think. Add a small twist of novelty, and that’s my dream house. I think it’s time to start building.
{Note: This post is in collaboration with Homify. All thoughts are my own, and all images are from them.}

Featured image: Aleksandr Zhydkov architect.