R&B crooner Miguel has a new song out at the moment that resonates very well with me. It’s called Coffee, which makes mention of drinking that all-important deliciousness in the morning. If I don’t have my coffee in the morning, my day cannot begin properly. Something else I tried out at the weekend that might also become part of my early morning coffee routine is ShowMax .The video on demand service launched a few weeks back and I’m really starting to get into it.


The convenience of having your bottomless coffee coupled with the best series and movies online doesn’t sound too bad, right? I’m almost thinking a coffee and series/ movie-pairing day would be a good thing. And then I thought, hey why not actually do that? As you know, I’m a Tribe Coffee fan. I’ve been drinking their coffee for a while now and I love the variants they offer so is my Barely Normal coffee/ShowMax pairing suggestions:


Tribe Espresso:

On their website they describe this as a “creative fusion of up to 9 different coffees from around the world”. With this one, I would suggest you watch a little bit of Friends, or a show called Culture Shock. Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe all have their different quirks, their personal traits and despite all being different, they somehow come together just perfectly, except for Ross – I’m sure he was only put in the show because the average likability of the cast was too high.  Culture Shock is exactly that… The show takes two existing families, their cultures and their way of doing things and swaps them.  Creative, but chaotic at times… That’s perfect for the Tribe Espresso pairing.


Tribe Filter:

“Mornings should be eased into, unless of course you’re late”. I prefer easing in… I do live in Cape Town after all. So easing your way in with a filter, I think you could enjoy a bit of Live At The Apollo or the Late Late Night Show with James Corden. Why not enjoy some Allan and Jimmy Carr or the late great Joan Rivers? Great way to ease you into your day.


 Tribe Malawi Gold:

It’s a firm favourite for those “In the know”. Are you one of them? The Good Wife, Suits and Grey’s Anatomy of some of the shows that fit perfectly into this pairing suggestion. They’re the obvious choices, but did you know that ShowMax also offers some incredible documentaries too? In keeping with the coffee theme, you can check out this interesting documentary called Hot Coffee. It’s an interesting documentary about Stella Liebeck from Albuquerque. Liebeck spilled coffee on herself in a McDonald’s branch in 1994. What transpired after that became one of the biggest lawsuits in the USA, and naturally it garnered huge media attention. But why? And who actually came out the big cheese in this case? Be in-the-know and find out in this riveting documentary… paired with your Malawi Gold coffee of course 😉


With ShowMax being online and available for you to stream anytime, you can obviously swap out the coffee for wine if necessary. Go on, give it a shot at www.showmax.com


(Please note that this was a sponsored post, but ShowMax does seem pretty nifty.)