We sleep a third of our lives. We work for another third. The remaining third we try to live as best we know how, or look for distractions.

And this is the main problem:

We treat our dreams as if we’re immortal, and treat our fears as if we’ll die tomorrow.

Here’s a fantastic TED talk by Larry Smith on exactly why you will fail to have a great career.

It all comes down to action, and action right now, and in a direction that will make you feel like you’re doing some thing amazing with your life.

It will probably be a bit uncomfortable, but who really gets where they want to be by staying cozy? No one. Added to this, almost no one gets where they thought they were going.

It doesn’t have to be big action, but consistent enough to make a difference over time. If we imagine the actions we do in one day, multiplied by a few thousand, where will our end place be?

It would be interesting if we celebrated how many years we potentially have left instead of how many years we’ve been alive.

That way maybe we would feel more urgency to actually live our lives, instead of half believing we would carry on as we have an live forever.

Rant over.