“Ah the cable fell down the back again! I hate you world!”

I say this at least once a week when my phone charging cable, or the plethora of other cables falls down the back of my bedside table. I then have to get up out of bed, move a fairly heavy table, all the while books falling out, water spilling everywhere, and tweak my back as I stretch awkwardly for a silly cable.

This little cable holder is quite weighty for it’s appearance, and pretty grippy, so it’s not going anywhere soon.

Cordies go for R129 and you can get it here.

What I love, more than the creation itself even, is how it came to be created. It’s built well, and well thought out, and often small inventions like this don’t find a market because the inventor doesn’t know how to go about having their invention patented, built, distributed, and advertised.

Which is where Quirky.com comes in.

Anyone can put forward an invention and other community members can help with creating it, and if Quirky likes it, they pitch it to manufacturers, or make it themselves. Here’s their video:

At the back of the box there’s a picture of the inventor, Stephen Stewart, from Belfast, and inside there’s the names of the 562 other people that helped create Cordies.

{Note: A sample was provided by The Gadget Shop for review. All thoughts and images are my own.}