I Built An Underwear Model…sorda-kinda-ish


It’s been a while and the new normal is an exciting time to be living in.  Community has become a larger part of our personal mental health regimes. We’ve gotten closer by keeping 1.5 metres apart.

A friend told me they had pretty much reinvented men’s underwear and were going to make a go of it. At first to be honest I thought he was joking, but then every time I saw the guy that’s all he would talk about: Gussets, in-line stitching, multiple panels, fabrics, etc. etc. etc.

So I bought a 3-pack. Paid full price for them, too, and they were quite a bit more expensive than my usual undies, but I had just gotten paid for some web development (hire me 🙂 ) and it’s good to support local businesses now more than ever. I just hoped they wouldn’t fall apart after the first wash.

Totally worth every cent, even if now I have to walk, sit, and squat, whilst knowing my friend made my undies 🙃

This is not a paid promotion, I just think they’re worth it. My reasoning is simple – these are designed specifically for men. But aren’t all men’s undies?! I hear you cry.

Put it this way, if tents were constructed the same way most men’s underwear you would not be able to sit up next time you go camping. Function over form, although they do look cool, if not a bit different.

A fake ad I made

One day he’s telling me something about someone modelling his underwear and my brain went – Cool, I can make that.

So I made one. Kinda… sorta.

I built an app for that. It uses Machine Learning to tell if your underpants are my friend’s brand, Apt, or if you’re wearing something else.

How it works, in a nutshell, is that I have let a computer learn what to look for and create a kind of mental model for itself so that in future it will look out for certain things to help it figure out what it’s looking at. That is the model I built, corny I know.

You can download the app here. (iOS only, sorry) and peruse for a pair for yo’ sweet self here.

You can read more about these, more technical projects, over at Hi I’m Luke