The Best Of 2015

2015 was a great year! Here’s the top highlights from the blog:

Places Visited

Pot Luck Club

It was an incredible meal, with a refreshing twist – each menu item is categorized by sweet, sour, umami, bitter, and salty, with small plates meant to be shared.

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Tintswalo Atlantic

There are few places in the world I feel completely at home. Unfortunately, a raging fire destroyed this beautiful lodge. Did that stop them? Hell no! They rebuilt this piece of paradise even better than before. It’s a wondrous place.

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A A Badenhorst Family Wines

Through Zomato and Sideways I got to go on a Mystery Tour through the Swartland, which included visiting a stocky bearded wine wizard named Adi Badenhorst at his farm. It was a fantastic day.

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The Drostdy Hotel

In the incredibly interesting and historically rich little town of Graaf Reinet, there is the Drostdy Hotel, which is packed with nuggets of splendor. Definitely worth the visit.

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Things Done

I built a Puzzle Box

This box only has one button to press, and most of the time it will do nothing.

My Puzzle Box

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I ran 12km next to a naked man

I’ve been slowly getting fit and this was my longest race. I definitely want to do it again!


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I swam with sharks

7 Gill Cow Sharks are big sharks that eat seals, have very poor eyesight, and are very inquisitive…

cow shark

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I foraged for the perfect Gin & Tonic

It turns out Fynbos is fantastic in a G&T. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

foraging 4

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I went on a helicopter flip

I have a fear of heights. I now want to get my pilot’s license.


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International chef, Reto Mathis, made me supper

The swiss seem to do everything right. This was a fantastic evening filled with good food, and lots of chocolate (obviously).

Dustin... I mean Reto giving it horns!
Dustin… I mean Reto giving it horns!

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I humiliated myself playing golf at a world class golf estate

This day was fantastically embarrassing. You’ll probably love it.

steenberg 5

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Things Cooked & Drank

I learnt to roast my own coffee

You literally wait around for “crack”, and then “second crack”and there’s a lot of smoke… oh dear, what’s happening?

home roast coffee

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I drank the peatiest whisky in the world

Smokey, but on purpose. One of my all time favourites, and it may well be one of your’s too if you try it.

octomore 6.1

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I made sexy rooster sauce

It still burns.

sriracha 1

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I walked around the city drinking wine

Doomed to failure or sublime glory. The latter. Definitely the latter.

Tuning the vine

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I made truly sexy alcoholic sorbet

It’s a powerful mule of a sorbet. Instant love.

salty dog sorbet 2

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I made really easy cream cheese

home made soft cheese

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I made Peanut Butter Ice cream from scratch

peanut butter jar

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I made incredibly hot and delicious sweet chili sauce

sweet chili 2

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I found one of the best brownie recipes in the world

This threw me for a loop – it’s hands down one of the best recipes I’ve found and it’s somehow vegan?!

chocolate brownies

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What’s Next?

As amazing as 2015 was, this next year I have a feeling will be something truly special, with an aim to “do more”. Click here to see what I’m up to NOW. To every reader, contributor, host, and friend, I say THANK YOU for making this past year so incredibly fantastic.

I hope the best year of your past becomes the worst year of your future! Much love, Luke.