Flipping Out With Helicopters

I worked for as a while a rope accessman, hanging from the top of oil rigs, grinding away bolts with my life-sustaining ropes only centimeters away. I did this because I was scared of heights. Now they just make me nervous, sometimes more a bit more than nervous. Whenever I’m in a plane at takeoff or landing I try and imagine dying in a mangled mess, and think that this is a good way to die. I make peace with it and can stay calm and relaxed and even enjoy it.

This was my first ride in a helicopter as an adult. I’d been a few times as a child – once with my grandfather, who was an engineer, to one of his project sites, and once at a preschool friend’s birthday party. Thinking about it now, who the hell hires a helicopter for a 4 year old’s birthday party?! Hopefully me in a few years!


That being said, I still have fears of going up and coming down in a less-than-graceful manner moments later.


When I got an invitation from NAC Helicopters I was immediately excited and a little horrified at the same time. Most people that know me say that I’m a risk taker, but I’m really not. Most of the seemingly crazy things I do is purposeful – to make me less of big wuss.

The event was to publicize the NAC’s partnership with the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa (if you haven’t been, you should book immediately).  The thing is if you are in Cape Town, and you want to have lunch at the 12 Apostles, chances are you want to make it quite special, so now you can fly from the Waterfront to the hotel for a delicious 3 course lunch, with wines obviously, for only R1750 per person. Have a look here because it looks amazing! Then afterwards, they will shuttle you back to the Waterfront.  NAC3 NAC4 NAC5 NAC6 NAC7

The trip was fantastic, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, I want to get my pilot’s license! It’s definitely worth doing at least twice.

{Note: We were invited courtesy of NAC Helicopters and the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. All images and views are my own.}