Jack and Lime Spheres
Caution: These little gems still have alcohol in them and you can quite easily forget than when you eat a handful...

Jack Daniels ‘n Lime gummy treats – Cold oil spherification

Want to make little alcoholic gummy treats? Sure you do!

We’ll be turning a classic drink into spherical edibles that are gummy all the way through. If you’d like to know how to make spheres with liquid centers go here: How to make fake caviar

All you need is Agar agar, which is a gelling agent made from sea weed, which means this recipe is also vegan, so you get to get happy animal points as well as drunk.

Jack and Lime
1 part Jack. 1 part Lime. Good times.

One of my favourite drinks is a Jack & Lime (1 shot Jack Daniels Whiskey and 1 shot Lime cordial)

1 shot is 44.36ml, so I’m just going to round off to 50ml of each just to make the math easier.

You’ll want to dissolve 1% of the liquids weight of agar agar. So in this case there is 100g of Jack & Lime (this has approximately the same density as water so one millilitre will be roughly one gram), so we will only need 1 gram of Agar agar.

Jack and Lime shots
Good ‘ol Tennessee Whisky and Lime cordial

Agar agar melts at 85° C so you don’t have to boil your solution and lose the alcohol content, even if you do boil the liquid it will still retain quite a bit, if not most of its alcohol.

Most alcoholic drinks aren’t exactly savored, so you can imagine that people don’t really wan to linger on the taste. Simple solution – add sugar to taste.

Then drip the Agar/Jack solution into the cold oil and watch it fall down to the bottom. It is a good idea to have the cooled oil in a tall, thin container so that the spheres have time to solidify before getting to the bottom and losing shape by bumping into other spheres. This part is quite therapeutic and I’d happily go through the whole process just for this step.

Cold oil spheres
Happy Jack and Lime spheres nestling at bottom of the cold oil receptacle.

After you’ve gotten all your spheres made, wash them in warm/hot water to get the oil off.

Jack and Lime Spheres
Caution: These little gems still have alcohol in them and you can quite easily forget than when you eat a handful…

There you have cold oil spheres that are great to put into drinks or as fake caviar. I found that depending on how hard you squeeze the syringe, you can create quite a variety of  sphere sizes.

I hope you try this out and let me know what you think – as always comments are welcomed and encouraged.

Here’s a little video on the process.

{Note: This is for adults, and if you are an adult, drink/eat responsibly.}