Tuning the vine

Tuning the Vine

Two weeks ago I was invited to the first Tuning the Vine event. I didn’t really know what to expect and figure it would either go terribly wrong, or would be a massive success. It was great!

Basically, you get sensible unstemmed wine glass, and a map with around 13 venues  on the #INNERCITYWINEROUTE. The route is numbered but you can go to any venue, and get a taster (or multiple tasters) of delicious wines from Van Loveren to Buitenverwachting, and everywhere else in between, and there are talks of adding food trucks to the route as well.

It’s a fantastic way to taste and learn about a broad variety of wines, and explore the city a bit on foot with a few friends. Tickets range from R155-R205, which considering the cost of other wine events, is well worth it. You can buy tickets here. The next events will be on the 11th November, and the 9th December.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there!

Hint No#1: we might be giving away some tickets soon… Actually you can enter here!

Hint No#2: Uber with some friends. Parking in the city is dumb. Driving after this is dumber. Don’t be dumb.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post, and all thoughts are my own. My photos of the night turned out to be rubbish so thank you Tuning the Vine for supplying these.)