A A Badenhorst Family Wines #MysteryTour

The amazing wife won a competition through Zomato and Sideways of a Mystery Tour through the Cape winelands. Unfortunately she couldn’t take the day off work, so I had the amazing opportunity to go in her place.

We all met for some breakfast and coffee, and received our first clues, that spoke about bush vines, maverick wine makers with facial hair, and a Sean Connery doppelganger.  We all piled into the van and using the sideways app (you can/and should get it here, although it’s only for iOS at the moment), we figured out that our first major stop was at A.A.Badenhorst family wines. Oddly enough, the wifeefee was following us on Twitter, and figured out where we were going a full 10 minutes before anyone in the van, and put in an order for 2 bottles of their Secateurs Chenin Blanc – one of her all time favourites.

The farm, Kalmoesfontein, is situated  between Wellington and Malmesbury , has 28 hectares of bushvines, roaming chickens, and some friendly (but giant) hounds wondering about. Also, you will probably also find a stocky bearded fellow named Adi Badenhorst. He’s definitely a bit mad, but in the  same kind of way that “those crazy Gauls” were mad in old Asterix comics – you  want to spend more time listening to their stories and you definitely want some of their magic potion!

This all creates a brilliant backdrop for their wines, which we got to sample straight out the barrel, as one does, naturally. Enough writing, let’s get onto the visuals!
AABadenhorst 2 AABadenhorst 3 AABadenhorst 4 AABadenhorst 5 AABadenhorst 6 AABadenhorst 7 AABadenhorst 8 caperitifIt was a fantastic visit and I can’t wait to go again. Oh, if you’re wondering what the heck Caperitif is – it’s that magic potion I mentioned earlier. Magic stuff!

You can also read more about the adventures that day from Flat White Concepts,  Zomato’s blog, as well as Sideways. Happy reading.