What I’m busy with now


The Obstacle is the Way

The Brain that Changes itself

The Selfish Gene

Made in America

Information is Beautiful

Telling Lies

Cooking & Drinking:

Ramen Gnocchi

Cilmore – Pinotage 2015

Alvi’s Drift – Voignier 2014

Kavalan Whisky – Solist

High Constantia – Sauvignon Blanc 2014


Rayne Cameras

50mm Prime lense

Google Cardboard

In Planning Stage: (AKA could use help)

Guerrilla Gardening

Tombstone Texas Hold’em Poker (playing poker in cemeteries)

Diving with 7 gill Cow Sharks (part II) see pt I here

Breaking a World Record – deepest concert below sea level

Packman-esque 10km race

Learning Swedish, and Japanese

Getting back to Vlogging, but with a purpose this time

Interviewing & meeting interesting folks

If you have any recommendations, ideas, or know of any one that could help, feel free to email [email protected]