Until today I have never even wanted to eat sea urchin.

It is surprisingly yum. Imagine a very creamy mussel.

Urchin gonads

Surprisingly rich and creamy!


As the West becomes more influenced by the East (Sushi, Tamagotchi, Ninja Warrior – Naganoooooo!) it starts to become more fashionable to try some of its cuisine.  This is nothing new, food tastes change and people forget from generation to generation what was the “in” dish. A classic example of this is a story one of my professors told me of fishermen in the 1920’s trying to catch Sole, which was the elite choice of fish back then, but having the hassle of their nets being crammed with unwanted Crayfish instead. In fact, Crayfish was so despised that prisoners on Robben Island, where Madiba holidayed for a bit, rioted because they said they were real people and deserved to be fed real fish and not Crayfish.

sea urchins

Spiny little bastards – every diver’s nightmare

Now with Sea Urchin, you only eat the “roe” (AKA gonads), which can be eaten raw or cooked. If this sounds unappealing then go ahead and try eating the rest of it, and I’m sorry if this bursts your bubble but what do you think you’re eating when you gulp down Mussels or Oysters?

Sea Urchin underside

Straight from the Urchin’s mouth. You get at the yumminess but cutting from the mouth outwards and then round. Don’t go too far down or you’ll puncture the bits that you want. Drain out the liquid and scoop out the orangey bits.

I have a long history with Sea Urchins through diving and although they can be pretty to look at they are truly annoying if you get to close, I still have over a dozen spines stuck in me from years ago. Plus, they nibble on baby Kelp which destroys the homes of many species of breading fish and other tasty critters.

Sea Urchin "uni"

It can be served raw or cooked. I thought I’d try it like the fishes do.

Save the environment – Eat an Urchin