Runtastic week 2: the honeymoon is over

So it’s the 2nd week testing out the Runtastic Obit Fitness Tracker. Week 1 was great because of novelty, this week was… different.

This week the novelty wore off a bit. This meant that my daily steps never got much higher than half way to my goal. It was an incredibly busy week at work which meant long hours in front of a screen, and little energy in my downtime.

What I learnt:

[Tweet “Novelty never works in the long run.”]

Time to introduce a new feature of the Orbit: the 60 minute no movement buzz alarm thing.
This will help break up my stillness and even if I get up to walk around the office, it will help get my blood flowing, helping my brain to work better, and of course get me closer to my stepping goal.

As I said in the last post one of the things I liked about the Orbit was the the lack of self discipline on my part, and if the hourly buzz works, it could become habit and still require no self discipline.

What I learnt:

[Tweet “Automate as much as you can – self discipline has serious limits.”]

This all sounds like I’m a lazy slob, and to some degree I definitely am, but it’s just that I know self discipline always has a limit, and finding inspiration that pulls you to towards a goal is better than a motivator that pushes you to it.

What I’ll be trying this coming week is every time that Orbit vibrates, I’m going to remember what inspires me to get into top form. Buzz. No distractions. Buzz. Don’t get discouraged. Buzz. Work hard. Buzz. I’m in it for the long haul. Buzz. I’m going to finish!