Strawberry and Coriander air

A little while back I had the honour of going to La Colombe with my amazing fiancé, the Gorgeous Gourmet, and for desert she had this:

Quite a yum desert from La Colombe. Look at that foamy stuff.

I’d seen restaurants on the interweb giving their patrons big glasses full of foam they called “Air”, and after having a spoonful of the foam from La Colombe I decided I would give it a crack and see what I came up with.


In the research I did on Soy Lecithin, I discovered that it’s a great emulsifier and is perfect for creating a flavoured foam.

Soy Lecithin
Useful ingredient in vegan mayonnaise and can usually be eaten even by people with Soy allergies

It’s not often you get to make “air” for the first time so I thought I’d be adventurous and make a strawberry and coriander air. The thought being that it would be sweet from the strawberries and savoury from the coriander.

Strawberries and coriander
An interesting combination for sure but a nice savoury twist.

So, you’ll need to get your own blend of ingredients to suite your palate – I very technically just put a “bunch” of both in, added half a cup of water and mixed them in the blender and then measured out 350ml. This brings us to what you will need to make your very own foam/air.

350 grams liquid (which is pretty much the same in millilitres)

2 grams Soy Lecithin

Strawberries in a blender
For the technically inclined out there, this is what my quantitative stipulation  of  “a bunch” is.

Mix them with an immersion blender (because the aim is to get bubbles), and scoop the bubbles off. This air can apparently last for a few hours and can even be frozen for a few months. Don’t put them in a normal blender, or you wont get the desired strawberry and coriander air.

Strawberry and Coriander foam
I present my strawberry and coriander foam. I guess in retrospect it would make sense that red and green make orange-brown.  At least it taste good.

I froze mine and put it on Lemon curd and cinnamon ice cream I made a while back. There’s no photo because I’m not a good food blogger yet and I ate it before I could take a pic. My apologies. Not really.