Trying out the Bisquit Perfect Serve

I don’t drink brandy often, at least not if there’s a good whisky or gin around, and I’m not really sure why.

It could be the Klippies & Coke vibe that I’m not a big fan of. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve drunk my share of the stuff, but as I get older and my liver declines, I figure, hey if I’m going to drink I may as well drink the the good stuff.

So when the people at Bisquit (which rhymes with whisky), decided to show me their Perfect Serve, I was definitely intrigued.

We used VSOP cognac, which stands for “very superior old pale”, which is a blend where the youngest brandy in the mix has spent at least 4 years in the cask.


The Perfect Serve is all about pageantry, and as with most great things it comes in a big wooden box filled with shiny tools and a dark amber bottle of cognac. What’s not to like?

Image courtesy of Dominique of Hello Conversations.

So what makes the Perfect Serve “perfect”? Well, as mentioned before I’m more of a whisky guy, and judging from what I’ve seen Bond villains do is cup their cognac, to warm it up slightly, before trying to killing someone. That’s the polar opposite of the Perfect Serve.

The Perfect Serve is more akin to the ritualized Absinthe MO than the nonchalant pour-warm up-drink method. It’s methodical and focused, and yet simple enough not to be a hassle.

Everyone has their favourite way of drinking but the Perfect Serve dictates exacting dilution and serving temperature.

This is done by pouring the spirit through an ice cube.

  What, is that it?!

In a nutshell. Yup.

But, what it does to the cognac is actually quite amazing. It is practically a different drink.

Image courtesy of Dominique of Hello Conversations.

The colder something is the less bitter it tastes, which is why this VSOP which can be quite spicy and a bit harsh when hand-warmed, becomes smooth and sweet when cooled down. In addition, the alcohol is diluted a little which releases certain aromas and improves texture. bisquit-2Food-wise: This pairs well with salty as well as chocolaty foods, as each brings out different characteristics from the spirit.

Thank you to Bisquit, Maiketso and Grant for the experience!

{Note: this was not a sponsored post. All images unless specified are my own. Featured mage courtesy of Dominique of Hello Conversations. }