Accidentally on BBC news LIVE

Imagine you’re going for an interview at BBC News, doing something in IT.

You’re a little nervous, but excited as well, and decide you will do whatever it takes to make a good go of every opportunity you get.

What you don’t know is that that there is someone waiting in another waiting room, who happens to share your first name, Guy.

Your name is called, and you get up, palms a little sweaty, but you have your game-face on.

And then they sit you down on in front of a camera. You try and control your breathing.

The lights are quite bright.

“This is odd, but okay…” you think to yourself.

The interview comes in, sits down, and begins the interview, but there’s one small problem – she thinks you’re someone else.


What do you? Do you run, or do you do what you came to do – your best.

Well, Guy Goma, you did your best, and I salute you!