Climbing on Route 62

A few years ago a bud and I started climbing at the UCT climbing wall. There were some incredibly hardcore climbers there doing mind-boggling stuff. There was a guy that used to have a whole route planned out where he’d leap from ledge to ledge using only the tips of his fingers. He did this as a warm up. What made it hilarious in hindsight is that we were so naive that we thought what these guys did was ‘normal’. We even set a goal that we’d be able to do that in two months.

Being similar heights and body builds, we were a little more than ‘slightly’ competitive. This helped us improve drastically.

I haven’t climbed in a while but my chalk bag and shoes are calling. Luckily, my bud found a hidden gem of a climbing spot on Route 62. So he bought the mountain, and is developing it for visitors. Here’s a little clip of joys you, and I, will hopefully get to experience climbing on Route 62: