Great Danes and Terbodore Coffee

I’ve always wanted a Great Dane. In fact we’ve already named our future happy hound “Winston” in preparation. So when we saw a coffee called “the Great Dane” by Terbodore we bought a bag. It was an Ethiopian/Indonesian blend that was floral, fruity and chocolaty. We were smitten.

When that bag was finished we got the flavoured, French Vanilla, and it’s by far one of the best flavoured coffees I’ve ever had. It’s delicious, but quite strong. Empty cups can be used to fill rooms with the vanilla aroma! So we’ve been using it sparingly and adding a little to regular coffee for a hit of Vanilla. After that we tried “This is Africa”, which is a Uganda/Ethiopia blend and properly delicious, although I still like the Great Dane.

Recently, I came across a joint venture they did with Leopard’s Leap winery – A magnum of Merlot (2013) paired with Terbodore’s Festive Blend (Brazil, Ethiopia, and Indonesian blend) for R80 at Checkers – score! Apparently this is a special blend they’ve done with the winery, and not available on it’s own. So sad, because it’s good. Proper good. On the plus side, they have a roastery in Franschhoek, so maybe we’ll see more partnerships happening?

terbodore coffeeAnyway, Terbodore Coffee Roastery has been going for over a decade in Durban, and you can feel that time has helped them really settle into their unique style. I’m always going to be a sucker for good design so that helps. I just get the overall impression, that they really know their craft well, and that they have fun doing it, and that makes me want to support the brand even more.

Part of me is tempted to have a 2 Great Danes one day: Winston & Terbo.