Coconut cream and honey fake raviolis
The "pink" ones were intended to be the deep red but I guess it makes sense - while cream and red colouring makes pink... sigh

Coconut cream ravioli

This is probably the third of fourth attempt at making coconut cream ravioli. Luckily this time it didn’t end in dismal failure again or I would have ran out into the street screaming that your favourite sports team is crap and then waited to see the Pearly Gates before me.

Coconut cream ravioli
Coconut cream and honey raviolis


The method for fake ravioli is simple:

  1. MIx 1g Sodium Alginate into your liquid (roughly 1 cup) you want to raviolify.
  2. Mix 3g Calcium Lactate  into water (Roughly 2 cups) to make a chemical bath.
  3. Spoon your Sodium Alginate liquid into the chemical bath and watch as it forms a skin.
  4. Spoon out your perfectly formed sphere and rinse carefully in water.
  5. Dry
  6. Plate
  7. Eat

It is NOT that simple. Try as I might I could not do step number 3. It is very finicky to spoon your liquid into the chemical bath into the shape of a perfect sphere without a lot of practice. Try it. I dare you. If you can do well then well done to you (please let me know your secrets oh wise one!).

Perfectly formed frozen coconut cream and honey fake raviolis

So the little trick I have for you is put your liquid in an ice block tray and freeze. I used coconut milk and honey, it tastes great and the Sodium Alginate thickens the cream slightly for a fantastic consistency. Second trick I will share with you is once you have your little ice blocks done, place the back end under some warm water and they’ll pop out easier. I think the neighbours thought I was attempting to slaughter someone because of the banging, until I added some warm water to the equation.

coconut cream and honey ravioli
freshly out of the freezer where they lived for a short while in the “council houses” of the freezer world – in the ice cube tray

place your ice blocks of bliss into the chemical bath and leave for about 5-10 minutes, this will also give the fluid inside time to thaw.

Food colouring
Yes, this is the food colouring I used, if I had used “blood of the innocent” colouring maybe my “red” ones wouldn’t have been pink…

You don’t need to do the next step (or any of this mind you), but I rinsed them in water with food colouring. You can leave them there for as long as you like, just remember that the reaction started in the chemical bath will continue so this is better eaten sooner than later.

Coconut cream and honey fake raviolis
The “pink” ones were intended to be deep red but I guess it makes sense – white cream and red colouring makes pink… sigh

Take them out and dry. There you have fantastic little coconut and honey cream squishy spheres that you can add to your deserts or put something else inside, like chocolate or coffee.

Soft and squishy, smooth and yum.