Let me begin by saying that I have a major head cold and this idea came to me in my delirium. That being said, it is amazing! I need to get head colds more often if this is the result.

Molecular vermouth mousse spooned

Super light, and super bright, have some molecular vermouth mousse tonight!


What you need is:

  • 1 shot vermouth. I used Martini Bianco Torino Vermouth (I don’t drink much and found this in the back of the cupboard after making my fiancé a surprise Mojito).
  • 2 egg whites.
  • Half a cup of sugar, I used brown sugar because it has a more wholesome flavour, that and it was all I had.
  • An orange/grapefruit .

So simple. So good. (Unless you’re an alcoholic in which case it’s terrible, don’t try it.)

Beat the egg whites and sugar till they form soft peaks. If you can do this part with Michael Jackson’s just beat it playing in the background you get extra pun points.

Then add the shot of vermouth. Beat further till you get soft peaks once again.

Put your alcoholic meringue in the microwave for 30 or so seconds. Take out, slice, pour some orange/grapefruit juice over it. Serve.

molecular vermouth mousse in tub

This stuff is super light and yet you can cut it quite easily and it keeps its shape – Magic

What happens is that microwaves make the water molecules in your meringue vibrate and heat up, this is what cooks your food. The heat from these agitated water molecules denatures the proteins in your egg whites and they form a gel. The air in your mixture will also expand slightly, but be warned, eat this within 30 minutes or it will start to shrink a bit and separate slightly.

Drizzle some orange/grapefruit juice over it to cut some of the richness.

This gellified foam/mouse is incredibly light and amazingly delicious and would go well with dark chocolate shavings or even a citrus sorbet on the side. Enjoy!