Living with 100 Bill Cosbys

There’s a fantastic show I love called Rick and Morty  (made by Justin Roiland), and seeing as it’ll be a few months before the next season I thought I’d have a look at his past work.

Then I discovered House of Cosbys.

The premise is that a Bill Cosby fan wanted his own Bill Cosby and spent 10 years building a cloning machine. After creating a few clones, he found that each clone had their own special unique eccentricities/super powers.

Scroll down to the bottom to see all traits (from Wikipedia)

There were only ever 4 episodes made until they received a cease and desist letter from BC’s lawyer.

Here are the 4 episode (from YouTube).

Number Name Voiced by Powers/Notable Traits
1 Entertainment Cosby Rob Schrab Was the first Cosby clone. Closest to the real Bill Cosby in personality and physical attributes.
2 House Keeping Cosby Steve Agee An excellent duster.
3 Moral Support Cosby Rob Schrab Treats Mitchell as his son.
4 Tattle Tale Cosby Scott Chernoff Tattles on others.
5 Dancing Cosby Bennet Webber Dances all the time.
6 Bath Tub Cosby Scott Chernoff This Cosby never leaves the bath tub.
7 Useless Cosby Chester Tam Does nothing but stand around, though he eventually speaks to Bath Tub Cosby.
8 Curiosity Cosby Justin Roiland This extremely curious clone likes to explore and find things, which causes trouble on multiple occasions.
9 Butt Naked Cosby Abed Gheith He plays with fire.
10 Data Analysis Cosby Justin Roiland Super-intelligence and data analysis.
20 Carpentry Cosby none The ability to create amazing feats of carpentry, as he built the additional barracks and probably most of the buildings in the training facility.
30 Weapons Cosby none His super power would appear to be the production and use of weapons, particularly guns.
40 Country Music Cosby none His super power is being a good country music player.
47 Mood Swing Cosby Tim Heidecker This Cosby has extreme emotional highs and lows. Presumed dead, as he accidentally hangs himself after being convinced not to commit suicide.
50 BC-D2 Abed Gheith A parody of R2-D2, he is a small, apparently cyborg Cosby who follows Data Analysis Cosby around and communicates by a series of “blips” and “bloo”s.
60 Cosbyette Stephanie Bilberry Her most obvious super power is the fact that she is female (with a well proportioned body) but she has also exhibited psychic powers (sensing trouble in the compound).
61 Preacher Cosby Justin Roiland Provides spiritual comfort, for example talking one out of suicide.
70 Toothpaste Cosby Akiva Schaffer One of the members of Cosby Team Triosby, he has the power to turn into Toothpaste and seep through small gaps, or make things trip.
80 Frequency Cosby Jorma Taccone One of the members of Cosby Team Triosby, he can absorb TV and Radio waves and turn them into harmful electric blasts.
85 April Fool’s Cosby Bennett Webber The desire to play April Fools jokes.
90 Humming Bird Cosby Andy Samberg One of the members of Cosby Team Triosby, he can fly and hover like a humming bird, and also create small explosives in his stomach which he can then defecate on land-based targets.
100 Evil Cosby Abed Gheith His super powers are unknown, although being “evil” would appear to be one of them.