Stir Food

There is a catering company that’s based at Lourensford wine estate called Stir Food.

Unfortunately because they choose not to have a permanent address, they can’t collect accolades created for restaurants, and instead have to settle for “catering/caterers”, which is one of the driest, and saddest ways to ever describe Stir.  In fact, if you can come up with a better term, you could get well rewarded for your creative efforts.

So when you receive an invitation, you ditch the plans you had with your aunty, and go.

Have a look at this video about them.

The theme for the evening was foraging from the sea with local wines, and more than half the ingredients where hand picked by chef Gustaaf Boshoff, and definitely more than half the wines were drunk by the guests.

stir 30

Arriving at our destination, down a little road in Bakoven, there’s Beta Beach- a beautiful little alcove, partially protected from the wind. As we walk in we were greeted with oysters, urchin, and pickled sea lettuce, paired with a gin and tonic. The sun was out, and there was hardly a breath of wind, so this was a perfect “hello”.

stir 11

Bubbling salty dry ice percolating through the sea weed. It really brought out the child in me (or hippy with a lava-lamp, you decide).

stir 2

stir 7

It was a normal Wednesday. For everyone else in the world.

stir 10

There were three specially selected wineries present: Beaumont Family Wines, Miles Mossop, and Kleinood. Each deserve a good amount of time to look into. The Beaumont Pinotage especially made me happy, especially when Pinotage has become sort of a Kardashian for being famous for being famous – in my mind at least. As you can imagine, there are very few Pinotages that I enjoy. This is definitely one of them.

stir 8

stir 13

stir 17

The Alikreukel arencini were delicious. I would have been happy with a bowlful, until I tasted the octopus, which was incredibly tender and succulent. A favourite of the evening.

stir 25

stir 4

A crayfish taco? Why yes please. Oh, and it goes with a tequila and tomato cocktail? Yeah sure, I’ll give that a go. Ok, keep them coming Mr. Bar-keep.

stir 3

stir 5

stir 6

stir 23

stir 24

stir 15

stir 16

Aleit is the man behind the Aleit Group, of which Stir Food belongs, and you can tell he is incredibly proud and passionate about what they’ve achieved.

stir 14

stir 29

stir 18

Chef Gustaaf Boshoff

stir 9

stir 27

stir 26

stir 28

stir 12

stir 22

stir 21

stir 20

stir 19

Thank you Stir Food for creating a fantastic evening.

{Note: we were invited as guests of the Aleit Group. All images and thoughts are my own.}